Friday, 20 January 2017

Hermanus East Cliffs en Plein Air

Another holiday in Hermanus, but this was to be a holiday like no other before. I am on a mission to get my Plein sir Painting shoes on! Blessed with a beautiful day and holiday mood, off I set with my brand new backpack of painting goodies. A prepared canvas board 8 x 10", brushes, palette knife, water, an ice cream tub lid, my brand new Royal Talens Cobra water mixable oil paints and a vision of having fun.

Searching for the right spot, an empty bench and a bit of shade. At first, I walk, scanning the area, taking photos of different view spots. I had spotted an ideal position but the bench was occupied by two young lovers. I decided to adjourn for a spot if lunch, a glass of wine and coffee. I spent some time sketching some patrons of Burgandy Restaurant in Hermanus till someone saw me and gave me a bit of a "skeef" look! 

I saw my bench become available and made a beeline for it at the same time that a "Bergie" spotted the same bench! He hovered around the bin and bench, making the first few minutes of painting, a bit pesky! Having had enough of requests for "geld" I broke into "broken" schoolgirl Afrikaans, asking him politely to leave me alone. Eventually, the Afrikaans took a new direction and he departed 10 steps away from me, continuing to plague me with mutters! Determined that my day would not be disturbed by this, I focused only on the scene in front of me. I began to draw and then added dollops of my Cobra water soluble oil paints. The painting needs to dry before adding new layers of paint. I still have some adjustments to make but it was a most enjoyable day and, I am hooked on 
Plein Air painting.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Portrait Workshop with Laura Wenman

The Laura Wenman workshop was a great deal of fun and most informative.
She started the workshop with loosening up by mixing the paint required for the portrait. Her colour preference (limited palette) was based on the warm and cool colours required to lift and recede the different planes of the face. 
Laura started with a coloured "turpsy" ground of burnt sienna and a small amount of Ultra Marine Blue. (UMB). Then the head shape was mapped out with a grid/ mask over the face in 1/3ths and 1/5ths. We drew in the hair outline (no more) and the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. We then added the dark hair, leaving the highlights unpainted. Then the goggle effect with the eyes deepening the plane of the face with eye sockets.
The dark tones of the skin was painted in with a no 12 brush. Then, using a 6 brush, we shaded/ scrubbed in the mid tones. After that we added a little linseed oil to the mix of turps to add in the highlights. The painting is not finished but that will happen on another day. The top 3 photos are Laura Wenman's. The rest of the photos are the progress of my attempts at the portrait and a couple of the rest of the class and my painting so far!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Body parts....piece by piece

This almost reads like a thriller....body parts....piece by piece...sorry to disappoint you but this is how the past 6 weeks have progressed. It started with a pair of lips, then the nose and eye. The eye was sculpted and then a plaster mold was made and, finally, the ciment cast is being made. I also completed the ear and next week will be time to sculpt the foot.

                                                                                It was most fortunate that I met someone who introduced me to a wonderful sculptor who lives and teaches in Hout Bay and is one of the last few teachers who give lessons in sculpture, mold making and casting.
WOW, what an experience! I will post more as I continue with this new experience.